Create Your Own Environment  (Telugu)
Create Your Own Environment
Asooya Dweshaalu  (Telugu)
Sri Babuji says that no treasure is more valuable than Sai Baba. Increase your love of Baba and then ... (1:00)
Vastness of Guru  (English)
On the joy of being overwhelmed by the vastness of the universe and how this translates into the spi ... (4:07)
On the impermanence of things and our foolish attachment to the irrelevant in the face of time's pas ... (9:18)
Baba Sampradaayam  (Telugu)
Sri Babuji asks us to hold on to Baba's feet with utmost devotion. Baba's tradition will remain fore ... (0:41)
Avyajamaina Prema  (Telugu)
Sri Babuji beautifully explains about the love that does not depend on any motive and expectation, a ... (4:36)
In the year he entered mahasamadhi, Sri Babuji lovingly assures the devotees that he will take care ... (1:04)
Udi  (Telugu)
Sri Babuji shares the significance of Baba's udi as a symbol of his grace. (1:30)
In this extract Sri Babuji answers the question about how to experience our Sadguru's presence durin ... (01:32)